My blog's name is a combination of Fordham (where I teach) and Fernald (my last name). The portmanteau Fernham also happens to be the name of the town where Virginia Woolf's narrator gets lost in A Room of One's Own. I've been keeping this blog, on and off, since 2005 and here you'll find entries on the footnotes to Mrs. Dalloway, quick book reviews, musings on reading, writing, feminism, and motherhood.

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I am the author of Virginia Woolf Feminism and The Reader (2006) and the editor of the Cambridge University Press textual edition of Mrs. Dalloway (2014). I am also one of the editors of the Norton Reader, a textbook featuring classic and contemporary essays for college writing classes.



I am professor of English and Women's Studies at Fordham Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. For many years, I directed first-year composition and rhetoric there. From 2015 to 2017, I served as President of the Faculty Senate.  Click here for contact info and a .pdf of a recent c.v.

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