Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

edited by Anne E. Fernald

Cambridge University Press, December 2014. Part of the CUP edition of the novels of Virginia Woolf.

Virginia Woolf: Feminism and the Reader

by Anne E. Fernald (Palgrave 2006)

Woodcut by Pat DeCaro 

available at, Powell' , and sometimes at Alibris.

From her girlhood in her father's library to the end of her life, Virginia Woolf read widely and with passion. Virginia Woolf: Feminism and the Reader shows how Virginia Woolf's reading affected her feminism and how her feminism affected her opinions of her reading. This new work looks at the impact of that intense reading on Woolf's writing and on her feminism. Each chapter looks at an aspect of her thinking--her attitude towards the English nation, the imagination, the public sphere, and fame--through the lens of a literary period, from Ancient Greece through the Romantics. The epilogue explores Woolf's surprising legacy among contemporary African writers. 

The Norton Reader, 13th edition


Edited by Linda Peterson, John Brereton, Joseph Bizup, Anne Fernald, and Melissa Goldthwaite

Norton, 2011. The classic essay reader, including everything: Montaigne and Chang Rae Lee, Jhumpa Lahiri and Abraham Lincoln, David Foster Wallace and Virginia Woolf.